Precision Equipment Shop


Lathes: qty 9 CNC and Conventional

CNC: up to 39" dia. x 157" long
Conventional: up to 45" dia. x 264" long


Mills: qty 9 CNC and Conventional

CNC: axis "xyz" 55" x 31" x 29"

Conventional: up to 48" x 96" table w/ 5" spindle


Grinders: qty 9 ID. OD. and Surface

up to 32" dia. x 200" between centers


Drill Press:

30" vertical




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Hones: qty 3 Horizontal and Vertical

up to 36" dia. x 132" stroke


Polishing Lathe:

up to 20" swing x 192" between centers


Straightening Presses: qty 2

up to 150 ton with 114" length


Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

"HEEF" process

"Triplex" process

up to 40" dia. x 168" long


Misc. Equipment

4 Hydraulic test benches

Lapping table

Strip tank

Hot tank

Steam clean booth

Sand blast booth

Paint booth