Precision Equipment in Portland specializes in Hard Chrome Plating, cylinder repair and manufacturing.
New CNC Turning Center w/ Live Tooling means faster turn-around and lower cost.


We're committed to stay at the forefront in hi-tech precision machining.


Our new Mori Seiki lathe with built-in motor turret will provide TURNING / BORING / MILLING / DRILLING AND TAPPING all in one set-up. With the 12-station turret we can machine a wide range of components requiring many features and processes at once.


This translates to greater savings, more accurate machining and faster turn around for you.

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

Precision has chrome plating tanks in continuous operation. All of which utilize the HEEF© 25 plating process which provides a harder, smoother, brighter and more durable chrome surface than conventional chromic baths. Because the HEEF© process can be operated at higher current densities, we can plate at rates twice those of conventional baths. This capability enables us to provide you with a much faster service while still maintaining the highest quality. Hard Chrome Plating to Quality Control Standard QQC-320B or AMS-2460 performed upon request.


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Industrial hard chrome plating to QQC-320B quality standard
Hydraulic Cylinders Manufactured and Repaired

Our hydraulic departments compliment one another due to their versatility, capabilities and expertise. Precision has designed and manufactured cylinders for many industries. Our seasoned engineer staff will design cylinders to meet your requirements or reverse engineering an existing cylinder and its components while incorporating design upgrades and improvements. We are known as the telescopic chip dump cylinder specialists in the northwest and repairing all brands of cylinders of any size is an ongoing process at Precision.

Precision Equipment Hydraulic departments

CNC & Conventional Machining

Precision's machine shop includes CNC turning and boring, conventional machining, I.D. and O.D. grinding, honing, surface grinding, lapping, specialty welding and metalizing. Our journeymen work force consists of skilled machinists, mechanics and designers. Complete rebuilding of machines, equipment and their components is one of our specialties. Large quantities of machined parts cycle through Precisions CNC turning and boring divisions daily with capabilities of inspecting and documenting cylindrical run-out up to .000050" (50 millionths of an inch).

Precision Equipment I.D. and O.D. grinding, honing, surface grinding, lapping and metalizing
Engineering Services

PEI offers engineering and reverse engineering services.
Full documentation and definitions provided for all projects.
Programs Include:


  • COSMOSMotion

Precision Equipment Engineering services